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1. The Christian worker and his gifts.

The Christian worker and his Gifts.jpg

We dedicate this book to our mighty God, who, through His Holy Spirit, has inspired us and strengthened us to be able to develop this tool, which we hope, will be useful for Christian workers in their individual ministries, for the praise and glory of His Name.

This material is free and its shipping its completely free! You only need to provide us your full name, e-mail, phone number, address, and your order request in the bottom box.

We believe that God is raising the Native Americans to be leaders in their own communities, so we just ask you to be sure you will use this studying material, that way we make sure there is enough for the people that need it.

● The Christian Worker And His Gifts

● Leadership Training Course

● Comparative Religions

● Bible Survey - Old Testament

● Bible Survey - New Testament

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